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Improve your speed of service and transform customer experience using the ThinkPOS restaurant POS.

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Running a Quick Service Restaurant

A fast-food restaurant is one of the most accepted options for families and millennials. Whether you're selling burgers or donuts, you want a service that works on a plan that both your staff and regulars can rely on.

Restaurant management software in Dubai
Chop Chop

Inventory requests to be stocked up at all times, so set alerts to tell you when you're running low so you can order forward.

Customer Menu

Let your menu fit your customer base, and include modifiers to match the flavor preferences of each diner's desire.

Restaurant management software in Dubai

On-The-Go Insights

Stop surprised how business is going today, as you can spread your eyes on smart reports from any iOS device from anyplace in the world and compare performance in real-time. You’ll also be able to look at data from the previous week, month and year – and if you really want, at a specific hour and second, so you’ll know how to grow your restaurant effectively.

Don’t Wait on Waiters

Schedule employee’s rotas and assign the right number of staff for every type of day. Staff will react instantly through the system on shift taking and any changes and swaps can be prepared there too, with no any back and forth calls.
Restaurant management software in Dubai
Restaurant management software in Dubai

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Find out the best package for you Avoid the lengthy lines and brush off the limited space because ThinkPOS will organize your popup dinner so you can keep rising.
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