Waiter Digital Food Menu

ThinkPos generate interactive food menus that seize buyer notice and taste buds with thrilling images and effortlessly inform your menu without any hassle or extra costs.

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Restaurant management software in Dubai

Interactive Food Menus

With the iPad restaurant menu, go one step further by adding up images for all your menu items to tempt customer taste and with no trouble add modification to orders.

Stay Connected

Orders sited on the Waiter Digital Menu are repeatedly sent to the Kitchen Display System and POS Cashier.

No Errors

Any changes or modifications are updated in real-time so you can avoid any errors or food wastage.

Restaurant management software in Dubai

Save Time & Go Green

With menu update and changes right away syncing across all your restaurant and branch strategy through the cloud, you will only have to make changes one time.

Having a paperless menu is high-class for the surroundings and helps you cut costs on reprinting any change