Restaurant POS System

A complete point of sale software to manage your daily Restaurant Operations

ThinkPOS is a point-of-sale system ideal for restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars and more. Our software also offers many units for table reservation, stock, and material management. A kitchen display scheme for new information, and allows restaurant administrator to handle loyalty programs, promotions and reward vouchers, payroll, and a lot more with addition of PDA / Handheld devices for taking orders. The web-based reporting quality helps anyone keep track of all reports.

restaurant management software in Dubai

Restaurant POS app to perform operations

Restaurant software in Dubai
The ThinkPOS! Restaurant POS system, ThinkPOS helps you to perform all daily tasks right on your fingertips. This way, you can directly manage orders and track business performance from your Android device with this app.

Point of Sale in the cloud

ThinkPOS is smart and consistent and can be used by all through its cloud technology. Manage stocks, schedule staff, amplify table turnaround time, get intelligence reports, and much more.
POS software in Dubai


Every ThinkPOS app is put together to meet the needs of today’s restaurenteurs and business owners.
  •  restaurant pos system in dubai


    Setup Install & Update easily and offline synchronization to allow users to work in offline

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    Inventory Management

    Stock Control Systems - Keeping track manually

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    Waiter Digital Menu

    Go Green and show an eye-catching and attractive menu list

  • restaurant management software in Dubai

    Table Management

    Increase table turnover rate and customer experience

  • POS System for restaurant fast food

    Employee Timesheet

    Advance staff efficiency and reduce customer complaints

  • restaurant management software in Dubai

    Smart Analytics and Reports

    Build the Big Data with real-time analytics and reports

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    Kitchen Display System

    Minimize errors in your kitchen with the right management system

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    Call Center Management

    Make the most of sales and store valuable buyer information

What ThinkPOS can offer you?

Best restaurant pos software

Drive more Sales

You gain more deals and reliability as you improve your procedure, deliver outstanding shopping experience and bring enhanced stocks to draw customers with ThinkPOS Retail Software.

POS System for restaurant fast food

Achieve Competitiveness

Technologies, social media and online communities are varying the retail sector as customers are more authorized. ThinkPOS Software offers modified retail experience that differentiates you from the others.

ThinkPOS Point of Sale Software

Stay Agile in Industry

ThinkPOS Point of Sale Software allows you to do your trade in the way you like that is most appropriate for you. As a substitute of you adjusting to the system, ThinkPOS Retail Management Software fits into your perfect way of dealing a retail business.

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Inventory Optimization

Helps to deal your inventory effortlessly with ThinkPOS, Instead of lowering prices, lower your manpower expenses involved and raise productivity. Get the right products at the correct place and cost and optimize inventory with ThinkPOS Point of Sale Software to expose the real potential of your retail business.

restaurant pos system in dubai

Integrated POS

ThinkPOS provides you affluent information everywhere with integrated POS Software for Retail. Authorize your retail team to check the ease of use of stocks in other locations, inform product attributes and access customer information to offer brilliant services.

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Restaurant Management Software

ThinkPOS presents you the most absolute group of restaurant management software with plenty of features in today’s market. ThinkPos Restaurant point of sale that lets you deal with orders, bills, manufacture and wastage, accounts - all in one place. Give your customers a huge check-out experience with the Android, iPad & Web POS.

ThinkPOS e-Menu Digital Restaurant Tablet Menu

The next generation solution for restaurant management, ThinkPOS e-Menu is a radiant and smart way to present your menu items to your clients and providing them with a new interactive practice.

ThinkPOS has user-friendly interface which offers an even navigation of the digital eatery menu and ordering blazing fast. It will progress the customer service, capability and amplify your revenue generation capability of the business.

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24/7 Support

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Multi-Language Arabic, English

Our apps support multiple languages and allow users to work together with more than one language

Inventory Management

ThinkPOS inventory helps confidently monitor inventory, set alert to always stay in store and path levels a little and in real-time with the ThinkPOS restaurant inventory software.